The Villa

The property was completely renovated in 2018-19 and significantly improved from a structural and technological point of view, including the most advanced green building measures.
A beautiful Italian garden embodies the overture to the bright building, where you can admire colorful rose gardens, fruit trees and lemon trees. A magnificent swimming pool and a gazebo where you can dine or enjoy an excellent breakfast complete the exterior vision of the villa.

The first hotel in Italy able to offer its valued customers a so-called thermal well-being or “well-being climate” through thermo-energetics. This thermal well-being is achieved when the human being is in “thermal balance” with the environment. This means that the human being feels neither cold nor warm, he is completely thermally balanced and neutral. In other words, it is that thermal state that is necessary by nature for the perfect functioning of the human body. In this state, the human being is at a much higher energy level, with all the positive side effects and prerequisites that constitute health.

An additional dehumidification and air purification system significantly increases the result, and also relieves the effects of those who suffer from allergies to dust and mites. The entire system is powered by an emission-free heat pump, which in turn is activated by the existing photovoltaic system, all with respect for the environment and the health of the people who live there.

The works were carried out with great care, without altering in any way the traditional charm and the typical character of a period villa, with original terracotta floors and Lucchese grit and preciously frescoed rooms. Antique and refined furniture, curtains and decorations coverings make the villa elegant and charming, a special stay for art lovers. Combining technology, modernity and tradition was the challenge of the new property that acquired the villa in 2017, dedicating extreme care and attention to the realization of what is now possible to admire and enjoy during your stay.

On the ground floor, an elegant room with refined furnishings and decorations immediately introduces the guest to the welcoming warmth of the Renaissance period. On the left, the view of the breakfast room, decorated in style as well as, on the right, there is another room, designed as an exclusive area for romantic dinners, or for special moments, for parties or receptions in intimacy – with a maximum of 10 people – .

Particular attention is given to the gastronomic part. In the large and spacious kitchen, themed dinners, tastings, wine courses and more can be prepared, thanks to the help of chefs and sommeliers invited for the occasion. Inside the shop, there is the opportunity to buy the best food and wine products typical of the area, where there are always seasonal excellences and the best that the region offers in the field of wines and local products.